Tristan Dean Grey was born in 1977 in Germany. After studying at the University for the Applied Science in Münster with a concentration on the technical section of architecture, he moved to Berlin to continue studying architecture at the University for the Arts with a stronger focus on its artistic side. During his studies he worked for GRAFT architects in Berlin as a junior designer. For the last years he is constantly moving between Berlin and London, living the life of an (stereotypic) urban nomad, in transit between airports, trains, hotels and foreign apartments, always on the move, tracking his experience in a spatial diary all over the world, resulting in personal subjective drawings of city maps and a variety of technically manipulated photographs trying to capture our visual experience of the world challenging its representation. Since the last year he is working in a fluent field in between art and architecture, combining drawings, photographs, texts and movies to express his perception of the urban structures surrounding us. His work is often influenced by a mixture and constant shift between the digital and the real, using the precision of the computer as a tool and the randomness of reality as an impulse, keeping the best out of both worlds.