ICC1 - Internationale Congress Centrum1

CITYscapes Berlin Personal Project

City: Berlin
Type: Photographs
Scope: C-Prints

Hardware used: Nikon D50, Apple MacBook Pro, Wacom Intuos.
Software used: Adobe Photoshop

Berlin with its architectural landscape consists next to the homogeneous block structures forming the residential backbone of the city of a lot of solitary buildings mainly for cultural purposes with an exceptional open space surrounding them, freeing them from their context. These buildings have become icons of their own in the cityscape of Berlin, sometimes like the National Gallery sitting on a podium detached from the street level, or like the International Congress Centrum being so huge in its dimensions that the view of it alone from the highway becomes a symbol for entering the city for Berlin’s inhabitants.

These buildings are forming islands in the diverse fabric of the city and there are still enough empty places in the heart of the city that allow for this potential to be explored like recently stressed in the L40 in Mitte where this is possible even in a residential context.

But the dismantling of these images becomes even harder for the photographer when the buildings are so prominent and iconic, raising the question at what point does the photograph become in this case a Tristan D. Grey and not a Ludwig Mies van der Rohe anymore, if it is possible at all.

For further reading refer to the text On CITYscapes, where the techniques and ideas are described in more detail, or follow the links to the different cities: London, New York City and Paris.

All images on this page copyright Tristan D. Grey.