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CITYscapes London Personal Project

City: London
Type: Photographs
Scope: C-Prints

Hardware used: Nikon D50, Apple MacBook Pro, Wacom Intuos.
Software used: Adobe Photoshop

The photographs you find here are a small selection of photos from architecture and panoramas of the cityscape of London. All the photographs are manipulated first by straightening their lines to fit a more frontal view without perspective distortions especially along the verticals (a typical phenomena by photographing from ground perspective upwards), then by blurring the shapes in order to release them from their context and the amount of hyper-information provided by a traditional photograph with their exact detailing of every pixel and finally by releasing the important and personally observed details again bringing them to the surface. The images coming to existence are set free from their original objects while still maintaining a relation to the underlying architecture, both in-between the dreamlike blurred and the real.

For further reading refer to the text On CITYscapes, where the techniques and ideas are described in more detail, or follow the links to the different cities: Berlin, New York City and Paris.

All images on this page copyright Tristan D. Grey.