QbB - Queensboro Bridge

CITYscapes NewYorkCity Personal Project

City: NewYorkCity
Type: Photographs
Scope: C-Prints

Hardware used: Nikon D50, Apple MacBook Pro, Wacom Intuos.
Software used: Adobe Photoshop

New York City with its unique landscape of architecture and its concentration on the vertical or the extreme horizontal like in the Queensboro Bridge sets the photographer often in front of the problem of framing his/her shots, which is even made harder by the narrow streets in-between the skyscrapers. This leads often to a deformation of the proportions, setting our general representation of reality through photography in question. While every lens is distorting the image, the digital postwork allows for even more “correctional” interventions. By trying to keep the proportions I am still straightening the verticals to achieve a more neutral point of view, so to stress not from where the architecture is seen but how and what exactly.

While mainly concentrating on contemporary architecture I am also fascinated by older buildings and architectural structures, in order to see if you can get something new and unique out of an often represented picture. There are normally only two ways of doing this, one by picking a different perspective than the usual one, which is reproduced that often for a good reason (because being the most attractive view), or secondly by reworking the image in a different style, which is what I am trying to do.

For further reading refer to the text On CITYscapes, where the techniques and ideas are described in more detail, or follow the links to the different cities: Berlin, London and Paris.

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