CP - Chanel Pavilion

CITYscapes Paris Personal Project

City: Paris
Type: Photographs
Scope: C-Prints

Hardware used: Nikon D50, Apple MacBook Pro, Wacom Intuos.
Software used: Adobe Photoshop

Paris has an extremely homogenous cityscape with its complex but identical roofscapes and only a few exceptions sticking out of the homogeneity and Haussmann’s axis’s cutting through this field of roof patterns. I tried to reproduce this feeling best seen in the SCP photograph inside the collection. The resulting image when you look at Paris from a higher point of view is a smearing and blurring of these roofs into a continuous mass with single exceptions that hold and focus your eye while everything else more and more fades into the background.

While desaturating most of my images strongly in order to come closer to a black and white look which is allowing for a better reading of the shapes in general without the distraction of colour, there are some exceptions to the rule as seen here in the photographs of Jakob+MacFarlane’s Docks de Paris and an image of the nature in the Bois de Boulogne. The striking green in this image seemed to me of such an importance to the landscape that I wanted to keep this feeling while saturating the rest of the image. The photograph of the nature reminds me mostly of a painting by Gerhard Richter between the abstract and the real with strong vertical brushstrokes smearing the colours into one another and blurring their shapes and forms together.

For further reading refer to the text On CITYscapes, where the techniques and ideas are described in more detail, or follow the links to the different cities: Berlin, London and New York City.

All images on this page copyright Tristan D. Grey.