On CITYscapes

While looking at photographs we are confronted with an exact replication of a moment we haven’t had a chance to capture up to this detailing ever before. Photographs create memory by reproducing visual experience and like with any other translating medium, there is always a transfiguration process involved, while translating they are changing reality.

In order to go back to a more original experience and state of memory, I started to disfigure the taken images by blurring their shapes horizontally and vertically according to the architectural organisation of the underlying object until only a diffuse and abstract image appeared, one closer to the images I had in my mind than coded into millions of bits and bytes of information.

In a second process of controlled remembering the photographs were again reworked on by exposing parts of it recalling a detailed memory turning them into focus, like the fragments of a building as bits of memory. As a result of the different treatments, the dimension of time manifests itself inside the pictures, letting the line of sight follow varying rhythms, from the fast directional blur at one point to the static observation of details at another.