CLOUDscapes Berlin Triptych I 960

CLOUDscapes Berlin Personal Project

City: Berlin
Type: Photographs
Scope: C-Prints

Hardware used: Nikon D50, Apple MacBook Pro, Wacom Intuos.
Software used: Adobe Photoshop

The series of cloud photographs from the city of Berlin contains two triptychs with the first one being more a series in itself viewed from left two right and the second one closer to the original religious derivation of a triptych with the left and right photos framing the central image and showing the dissolution of the formed shape of the left scenery at the moment depicted by its right counterpart by the way of a narrative process, while the central image shows the cloudscape from an inside perspective.

For further reading refer to the text On CLOUDscapes, where the techniques and ideas are described in more detail.

All images on this page copyright Tristan D. Grey.