On CLOUDscapes

The photographic series of clouds tries to capture these amazing sculptures forming every day above our heads. I was always fascinated by the shape of clouds, their immense size compared to the small places they are travelling over and the fragile state of their being. Instead of just documenting what is in front of me and therefore also for everyone else to see, I am in my photographic work more interested in editing the images I take, in order to construct a new image, giving them an additional value.

The first series of CLOUDscapes shows images I took during my time in Berlin. After picking the images that seem the most satisfying to me, I start working with their depth of field to create a climax or intensification inside the frame that allows me to guide the viewer’s eyes across the image. Next I continue reworking the photos by blurring their shapes direction-wise to follow their motion and exaggerating the blurred effect resulting in their being out of focus. Following I continue stressing these stages by painting over the images inside the digital editing software.

I am interested in a way of photography that comes closer to painting than a mere reproduction cycle. The resulting photographs stand between painting and photography, between the objective and the abstract trying to recreate a feeling of awe in front of these naturally formed sculptures and turning away from the objective observing eye of a scientist to the more subjective defining view of an artist.