Guggenheim Museum01

Guggenheim Museum – Bilbao, E Personal Work

Architect: Frank O. Gehry
Type: Rendering
Scope: Visualisation images

Software used: 3ds Max (VRay), Photoshop.

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao by Frank O. Gehry is lately probably one of the most published and referred to buildings. No matter what you think about its design you can’t ignore the visual impact it had, making it recognisable by showing just a cutout of its façade was basically the idea behind the renderings, and how many buildings can say that about themselves. In these two images I just tried to capture the curving façade in front of the sky. This was really a short time project mainly focusing on drawing textures that can hold up a 2K rendering in detail in a close-up more than concentrating on modeling.

The challenge was to give it a really old and used look with lots of dirt and bumps instead of creating the perfect shiny surface, which is seen so often in renderings and that we know of reproduction of this building. Secondly I wanted to give the image still by being realistic an overall homogenous look and feel in connection to the coolness of the reflective titanium panels by giving it a more bluish tint going well together with the sky.

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