Tron: Legacy - safehouse01


Tron: Legacy – Flynn’s safehouse Personal Work

Director: Joseph Kosinski
Type: Rendering, Set Design
Scope: Visualisation images

Software used: AutoCAD, 3ds Max (VRay), Photoshop.

In order to recreate a certain interior in style and atmosphere, in this case the concept design for a room for the movie ‘Tron: Legacy’ by architect and film director Joseph Kosinski, I set myself the task to rebuild the space (here: Flynn’s safehouse), furnish it and render out images mimicking the lighting situation and the overall feel and look of the film as presented in a trailer at the Comic-Con in San Diego back in 2008, later on the design for the safehouse was modified for the final movie, I therefore refer here to the first teaser, which I was fascinated by at that time.

The idea was to improve my rendering skills, especially in texturing and lighting a scene with as few post work as possible so the scene could eventually also be used for animation purposes. The photo editing software was therefore only used for overlaying the different render passes and some basic colour corrections a workflow that can easily be simulated in any animation editing software.

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